City of Stoughton Departments

There are many ways in which the City of Stoughton works to serve the community. The following are the major departments of the city, including a description of their main functions. If you need more information on a particular city function or service, these sections of the Web site should be helpful to you.

Mayor's Office

Stoughton has a full-time mayor who is elected from the city at large for a four-year term that begins on the third Tuesday in April following the election. As chief executive officer of the city, the mayor has the statutory duty to "take care that city ordinances and state laws are observed and enforced and that all city officials and employees discharge their duties."

Building Inspector

The building inspector is certified for inspection of dwellings; residential and commercial plumbing; and electrical, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. The building inspector issues building permits. The main objective for obtaining a building permit is to ensure that a structure is constructed according to code requirements, to make the structure safe from defects and to protect the owner. Building permits are required by city ordinances and state statutes. If a permit is required, but not obtained, a fine may be imposed. In addition to the fine, the permit would still need to be obtained.

City Clerk

The Clerk's Department is responsible for administering elections, issuing and renewing licenses, managing the garbage and recycling contract, managing public records and providing administrative functions for elected officials.

City Council

Three alderpersons are elected by the voters in each of four aldermanic districts. The term of office is three years. As members of the City Council, the 12 alderpersons' chief responsibility is that of policy makers, in a way, similar to the board of directors of a private company. In addition to setting policy, the Council approves and oversees the budget and city spending, is involved in community planning, establishing and reviewing programs, has the responsibility of administrative oversight, and is involved in conflict resolution.

Stoughton Area EMS, is a municipal pre-hospital emergency medical care service, providing 911 response. We are owned by the City of Stoughton, serving all of the city’s residents, including designated areas in surrounding towns and those emergencies occurring within our jurisdictional boundaries.


The Finance Department is responsible for tax collections, providing treasury management services, handling investments, preparing and executing the City of Stoughton annual budget.


The fire department is responsible for fire prevention and suppression along with rescue operations within their fire coverage area.

Human Resources / Risk Management

The Human Resources Department is responsible for all employment related tasks as well as all of the risk management and safety procedures for the city.

IT /Media Services

The City of Stoughton IT/ Media Services Department manages the operation of WSTO-TV, the City of Stoughton website, and both wired and wireless telecommunications technologies and services for all City staff and buildings, video technology support, computer network administration as well as all technology that the city uses.

Opera House

The Stoughton Opera House is a department of the city of Stoughton. The staff of the opera house are responsible for the management and booking of shows for the yearly seasons.

Planning and Development

The department coordinates public works construction projects, including defining projects for contract purposes and evaluating proposals submitted by contractors and engineers. The department also develops and implements the four-year capital projects plan for street construction and repair.


The Stoughton Police Department is a 24-hour, general municipal law enforcement agency with a budget of 2.0 million. The department consists of 19 sworn police officers and 6 dispatchers. The department is structured into administrative, patrol, investigation, and dispatch/civilian services.

Public Library

The Stoughton Public Library is a state-of-the-art public library open to anyone within the South Central Library System. The Stoughton Public Library provides books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, computer access, WiFi and much more! Located in an original Andrew Carnegie Library

Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of streets and alleys, parks, cemetery, storm water sewers, weed cutting, street signs and markings, bridges and culverts, removal of snow and ice, and insect control.


The department staff are responsible for staffing, implementing, and scheduling all recreation programs. In addition to the programs offered, the department oversees the Stoughton Area Youth Center.

Senior Center

The Stoughton Area Senior Center is a multipurpose senior center whose mission is to provide an area focal point where resources for the enrichment of the lives of area senior citizens and their families are available in an easily accessible, safe, and pleasant environment. Services include recreational activities, educational programs, support groups, meal programs (daily lunch, by reservation), transportation, outreach services and volunteer opportunities.


Stoughton Utilities is the municipal electric, water and waste-water provider for the City of Stoughton and surrounding townships.